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La Sagra's dairy-free range

La Sagra

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Exquisitely Different Desserts

Summer has a tendency to bring out a human’s more sociable side – and, when you have finally invited folks round following months of cold isolation, you’ll want to make it special. Dazzle them with the handmade delights from La Sagra’s Squisitezza range of vegan chocolates. Unique, these are packaged in small pots and can be eaten like a mousse or a truffle or warmed up to produce a fondue for dipping the crunchy biscuits that are provided. The Salted Caramel & Pecan stood no chance in the face of ravenous Viva! staff. Crème Brûlée disappeared without a trace. To maximise any dinner party experience, order La Sagra’s Party Box. It contains four 30ml pots – each a different flavour – and a generous provision of biscuits for £10.