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Hot Ginger Muscle Rub

Natural Hero

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Real Life Super Heroes…

They walk among us – rather they limp – and, yet, they carry on climbing, running, lifting and engaging in all manner of madness to feel that flood of endorphins. Perhaps you’re one of them. If you are, introduce your body, toute de suite, to Natural Hero’s products.

When I needed someone to put them through their paces, there was one clear choice here at Viva! and that was Ash. He’s easily the most mental – I mean athletic – of the lot of us and was impressed by the efficacy of the Hot Ginger Muscle Rub (100ml – £9.99). It absorbed readily and immediately soothed the aches. I could never really be accused of an exercise addiction, but have adopted the Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz (100ml – £11.99) for post-activity foot relief. Love it! Hot Ginger Muscle Soak (6 x 15ml bottles – £9.99), like its compatriots, is loaded with essential oils, completely vegan and not tested on animals. Available nationwide from Holland & Barrett or order online at and use code ‘VIVA20’ for 20% off! Do not start doing silly things outdoors this summer until you stock up!