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eco2life Bath & Shower spray and Floor Cleaner


Available from independent health food shops and online at £2.99 gets you the starter pack and refills cost about £2.29. Unbeatable value!

Seek Eco

We’re not obsessed with hygiene or owt, but new but new earth and animal friendly cleaning products caused quite a stir at Viva! towers.

Philip helped me to assess the Eco2Life range of green household de-pongifying magicians.

He secreted away the Bath & Shower spray, put it through its paces and then reported back to me – glowingly – that it cleaned everyday dirt and stubborn stains quite impressively, whilst filling the air with a clean, fresh, unobtrusive scent that doesn’t just scream ‘pine!’ or ‘lemon!’ in your face.

Whilst Philip was slaving away, I was busy with the floor cleaner. Highly economical, no water bucket is required – you just spray it on your mop, or directly on the floor and swish away.

I asked Eco2Life what they used to create their fragrance, so charmed was I. It’s a blend of 10 essential oils including lime and ginger. Adore!

Now, the thing that really is notable about Eco2Life is their system. The 500ml spray bottles are designed to be refilled indefinitely using the 50ml bottles of cleaner but every bit of the packaging is, nonetheless, recyclable.

Choose from Bath & Shower, Multi-Surface, Floor or Glass.