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Dedicated to finding the very best Natural & Organic skin and hair care products nature has to offer. We don’t have to put harmful chemicals into our bodies. It just happens to be easier than finding the healthy option. At Lovely Lotions we want to change that.

We’re an ethical bunch

We care a boat load about natural and organic products, sustainability, the environment and most importantly, your skin. This is why we hand select every product. If you have the same values, then you can shop here with confidence.

We Say

YES to ethically sourced ingredients, guilt-free, effective products.

No to parabens, SLS’s and animal testing.

There’s enough pollution and clutter  in our lives without pumping more unnecessary ingredients into our bodies through our cosmetics and personal products. Lovely Lotions has a very strict vetting process that all products go through before they reach our online shelves.

All the products on our site also meet our own LOVELY guidelines. They’re kind of made up, but we think they fit nicely.

LOVELY product guidelines

Luxurious and effective

Organic and natural

Virtuous (guilt-free)

Eco friendly

Love animals, hate animal testing

Yucky free, no Parabens, SLS, TEA etc.

There are lots of synthetic chemicals in everyday cosmetics. Some are very harmful, some have unwanted side effects and some come with no scientific knowledge of what happens with prolonged use. You’re sure as hell not going to find any of those here.

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