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Woody's Vegetarian Cafe

It's all plants and wood. Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff who can help you with almost any allergy/dietary requirement. Fairtrade, organic food at reasonable prices. Highly recommended

Woody's Vegetarian Cafe
19 Dickinson Quay Hemel Hempstead
HP3 9WG Hertfordshire , HRT
United Kingdom
Hertfordshire GB
Opening hours (Monday): 
10am - 10pm
Opening hours (Tuesday): 
10am - 10pm
Opening house (Wednesday): 
10am - 10pm
Opening hours (Thursday): 
10am - 10pm
Opening hours (Friday): 
10am - 10pm
Opening hours (Saturday): 
10am - 10pm
Opening hours (Sunday): 
10am - 4pm
Advanced booking necessary: 
Vegan or vegetarian food is clearly labelled: 
Clearly labelled
Drinks: Licensed to sell alcohol: 
Licensed to sell alcohol
Drinks: Offer fair-trade drinks: 
Offer fair-trade drinks
Drinks: Offer organic drinks: 
Offer organic drinks
Drinks: Vegan wines/beers: 
Offer vegan wines/beers
Drinks: Vegetarian wines/beers: 
Offer vegetarian wines/beers
Drinks: Will provide soya milk: 
Will provide soya milk
Facilities: Disabled facilities: 
Facilities: Parking: 
Facilities: Toilets: 
Facilities: Dogs allowed: 
Number of vegan dishes on the menu: 
Number of vegetarian dishes on the menu: 
Type of business: 
Discount scheme member: 
Symbol holder: 
Menu example: 
Pizza, Salad, Savoury and Sweet Crepes, Ice cream, specials etc.
Vegn options: 
Average dessert cost: 
Average main course cost: 
Average starter cost: 
Percentage of vegan food: 
Percentage of vegetarian food: 
Type of food served: 
Date added: 
Monday, September 19, 2011