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Pepe Nero

Small, functional and bright modern cafe with seating upstairs and down. Dough is made on premises and very good. They offer a dedicated vegan pizza using Sheeze melting Mozarella and panini ditto. They offer round pizzas all day - plus pizza by the metre after 6pm. They deliver within a mile radius. Very helpful, friendly staff who have embraced the vegan option after chatting with one of the Viva! staff. We hope to encourage them to offer vegan desserts if the vegan side of the business goes well.Not sure about vegetarian cheeses - best to ask - and not sure about desserts although some are vegetarian.

Pepe Nero
Bond Street Bristol
United Kingdom
Opening hours (Monday): 
11.30 - 10
Opening hours (Tuesday): 
11.30 - 10
Opening house (Wednesday): 
11.30 - 10
Opening hours (Thursday): 
11.30 - 10
Opening hours (Friday): 
11.30 - 10
Opening hours (Saturday): 
11.30 - 10
Opening hours (Sunday): 
Advanced booking necessary: 
Vegan or vegetarian food is clearly labelled: 
Clearly labelled
Drinks: Licensed to sell alcohol: 
Licensed to sell alcohol
Drinks: Offer fair-trade drinks: 
Drinks: Offer organic drinks: 
Drinks: Vegan wines/beers: 
Drinks: Vegetarian wines/beers: 
Drinks: Will provide soya milk: 
Will provide soya milk
Facilities: Disabled facilities: 
Facilities: Parking: 
Facilities: Toilets: 
Facilities: Dogs allowed: 
Type of business: 
Discount scheme member: 
Symbol holder: 
Menu example: 
Pasta, paninis, pizza - vegetarian options pizza and pannini - vegan options (not sure about pasta)
Vegn options: 
Average dessert cost: 
Average main course cost: 
Average starter cost: 
Percentage of vegan food: 
Percentage of vegetarian food: 
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Date added: 
Thursday, March 8, 2012