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Gloucester Incredible Vegan Roadshow

Free entry, free food, free advice. 10.30am to 4pm Saturday 26th April, 2014. Gloucester Guildhall, 23 Eastgate Street GL1 1NS.


Gloucester Guildhall, 23 Eastgate Street, Gloucester GL1 1NS

Come along to Viva!'s Gloucester Vegan Show! You can:


  • Taste a whole range of vegan foods from international dishes you can whiz up at home to ready-to-go convenience foods
  • Receive one-to-one nutritional advice
  • Pick up free recipes and helpful factsheets
  • Sit in on cookery demos and informative talks
  • Browse and buy lots of vegan goodies – from chocolate to cruelty-free cosmetics, bags to books, convenience foods to clothing, wallets to wallcharts and cuddly toys to T-shirts and more!
  • Find out how you can get active
  • Take a break with a cuppa and veggie snack


So if you've ever given the idea of going veggie - or even better vegan - a go but need a helping hand, come along, and pick up your free copy of our It’s Time to go Veggie magazine (all vegan!), packed with tips, recipes, celebrity views, nutritional info and detailing the many reasons why "it's time to go vegan".

Hot Food Tasting Recipes

Chilli Non Carne
Tony’s Asparagus & Sundried Tomato Pasta with Pesto

Free materials


Fancy volunteering on the day?

We need a team of volunteers to help Viva! staff at the show so if you can spare a morning, afternoon or even the whole day, we'd love to hear from you.

Tasks include welcoming (and counting) visitors, assisting with food tastings, washing up, leafleting, getting dressed up in an animal costume and getting visitors to complete our questionnaire.

So if you want to get involved please contact Claire on 0117 944 1000 or email







Hope Rescue

Mino Valley Farm Animal Sanctuary

Sea Shepherd

Vegetarian Food Studio

Vegetarian For Life

Vervet Monkey Foundation


Gloucestershire vegans

Dean Farm Trust

Tall Poppy Foods

Moo Free Chocolates

Hazel Scott Arbonne

​Gillie Food

Simply V



Entry is FREE

Talks & Cookery Demos

Cookery demo 

11.10am-11.50am:   Delicious Dinners from the Viva! Cookbook 

Lovely suppers – cooked from scratch – and with quick fix supermarket suggestions!  

Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator, Viva! 

•         Spanish Chickpea & Potato Stew with Spicy Seitan Sausage. A hearty, satisfying stew that’ll have you shaking your castanets 
•         Smoky Black Bean Cakes with Garlic Greens and Sour Cream. Sophisticated yet simple…

12.10pm-12.50pm:  Why You Don’t Need Dairy 

Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director, Viva! and Nutritional Therapist 

Is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Indeed, is it safe to consume cow’s milk at all? Juliet explores the many health issues and new research showing why dairy is linked to cancers; how natural growth hormones in milk affect us and what are the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats? Also, if we don’t consume dairy where should we get calcium?


1pm-1.45pm: Mood Food 

Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director, Viva! and Nutritional Therapist

Four fifths of the UK population claim to be low on energy. Even more say they become impatient too quickly. Our nation takes over 800 million anti-depressants pa. There are many factors involved but when you are feeling low, anxious or irritable, or your memory isn’t what it should be, do you ever question the role of your diet? 

Juliet explores the role of food in our mood. She explains what nutrients are needed to make ‘happy hormones’, good munchies for motivation and the best brain boosters. She explains why meat and dairy can drag you down and fruit can make you well, fruity! A fascinating insight into the impact of food on mind and soul! 
Cookery Demo

2pm-2.40pm: Delightful Desserts  from the Viva! Cookbook

Ditching Dairy? It’s a no-brainer with our sweet alternatives!

Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator, Viva! 

  • Fruit Compote with Cashew Shortbread and Dairy-free Cream - tangy seasonal fruit with buttery biscuits and creamy topping  
  • Chocolate Brownies – all-American classic the vegan way. Fudgetastic! 

3pm-3.35pm: The Safety of Soya

Veronika Powell MSc, Health Campaigner, Viva!Health 

Debunking the bunkum – and there’s lots of it! Is soya a superfood or health risk? Find out the latest, accurate information 


Food donors

Good Hemp
Wicken Fen Sausages
Food Heaven Cheesecakes
​Cariad Cakes
Goody Good Stuff