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Dump Dairy

Save badgers

The UK dairy industry is driving the badger ‘cull’. Join the dairy boycott.
Deadly dairy
Badgers are harmless, loved, unique and secretive. They are already under pressure from baiting with dogs, illegal trapping and road kill – 50,000 animals a year. But the biggest threat of all is from the dairy industry.
Farmers hysterically blame them for the spread of bovine TB even though the real reasons lie much closer to home. Modern dairy farming is so intensive that cows cannot cope and are riddled with diseases and exhausted from over work by being forced to produce vast quantities of milk. Their immune systems are in tatters with most killed at five or six years old.
To this disaster can be added grossly inaccurate TB tests that allow diseased animals to reinfect their own herd or be transported around the UK, infecting new herds. The science does not back badger ‘culling’. The largest study of TB concluded that killing badgers would not meaningfully help. Yet the madness continues.
Save badgers and cows!
If you don’t support killing badgers don’t support the very industry that is driving the mass slaughter of British wildlife. The surest way to save badgers is to stop buying meat and dairy. You will also no longer play a part in cows’ suffering, it’s healthier and you will be protecting the environment.
“I support Viva!’s call to boycott English dairy products. By pointing the finger of blame at wildlife the farming unions and politicians are attempting to sidestep a mess of their own making. Namely a highly intensified dairy industry, scandalously bad testing regimes, fraud and mass cattle movements across the country.
"We mustn’t forget that these are the real reasons for the TB crisis. Yet the humble badger will soon be in the crosshairs; a victim of political backslapping and unfounded hysteria – and that is nothing short of a scandal.”
Martin Shaw, actor and Viva! patron
Dump Dairy