Raffle Terms and Conditions | Viva!

Raffle Terms and Conditions

  1. Your purchase of Viva! Raffle entries is from Viva! ("The Promoter"), solely in accordance with the terms under which the Charity from time to time promotes its raffles.
  2. All proceeds from the Raffle go to Viva! (Registered office address: Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH. Registered Charity No.: 1037486).
  3. You represent and agree that:
    • a) You are 16 years of age or over.
    • b) You are a resident of Great Britain
    • c) You will not buy or purport to buy an entry to this raffle on behalf of anybody under the age of 16.
    • d) You will provide accurate entry information, including your name, personal address and telephone number and accept that it is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes as soon as they arise.
  4. You agree that you shall not be entitled to receive any prize if you are unable to substantiate to the Promoter your representations under paragraphs 3 (a), (b) and (c) above.
  5. You accept that the Viva! Raffle is regulated by the Gambling Commission and that in certain circumstances we may be unable to provide refunds or replacements once you have purchased your raffle entries.
  6. The prizes for the Viva! Raffle are printed on the leaflets provided and are advertised on the Viva! website www.viva.org.uk. There are no alternatives to any prize and no interest is payable. Prizes will be paid by cheque and posted to the winners within 30 days. Entrants will be notified as to any change in the prize structure.
  7. The cost of each entry is £1 per play. Members may purchase more than one entry and payment must be made in advance by one of the methods permitted.
  8. The Promoter may (without giving any reason or notice at its absolute discretion) decline to accept an application, cancel an existing subscription, or terminate or suspend the raffle scheme.
  9. The Promoter will conduct the draw after the closing date as written on the raffle tickets. The draw will be made utilising as close to random abd unbiased method as are possible. This may well involve a dog.
  10. The raffle winners will be listed on the Viva! website www.viva.org.uk and will be available via the Viva Office helpline from the following working day. Please telephone 0117 944 1000 (Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m).
  11. No liability is accepted for the loss, theft or delayed receipt of any communication.
  12. The Promoter is not responsible for any delay in bank payments.
  13. Any cancellation of an existing subscription will not affect your prior purchase of Raffle entries nor your rights as a holder of such entries, providing that you have complied with the foregoing obligations.
  14. The Promoter's decisions made pursuant to the Rules shall, once made, be final and binding.

For more information contact us:

raffle@viva.org.uk  0117 944 1000