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Viva! Raffle News

SUMMER FUNDRAISING RAFFLE 2017 - The Results are In!

Thanks to everyone who entered and distributed tickets for our Fabulous Fundraising Raffle.

Once again, it was a great success and has helped us enormously in our work to save animals. See details of the lucky winners below:


All proceeds go towards our campaigns to help end animal suffering and promote a kinder way of life for all.

1st Prize of £1500 goes to B Gubbins, from Berkshire!

(winning ticket no 101141)

2nd Prize (£500) C Whittaker, West Sussex (123760)

3rd Prize (£200) B Levett, Worcestershire (045042)


Three lucky winners receive beautiful pendants, handmade by the talented Alexandra Symons:

J Howard, Derbyshire (057267)

A Day, Wiltshire (002761)

R Knight, Gwent (129857)


And two runners-up each receive a £50 Gift Voucher from our friends at Vegetarian Shoes Ltd:

I Muller, Nottingham (056021)

T Mould, Cambridge (033203)


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, and many many thanks to all who entered.

If you weren't lucky this time, look out for the next great Viva! Raffle!

Contact raffle promoter Jeremy Ludlow for further details:
Tel: 0117 970 4634

Winners of previous raffle (Winter 2016):

1st - Jean Jackson - Birmingham (131249)

2nd - N Fishlock - Dorset (015387)

3rd - D Hall - Tyne & Wear (056083)


The winner of the Alexandra Symons pendant was:

B Wade - London (109925)

and the bumper Festive Hampers went to:

M Annand - Herts (050181) and A Wright - Powys (028690)