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This is wrong, please help us make it stop.

What would have been considered outrageous not long ago is now ‘normal’ on dairy farms. The dairy industry is becoming more and more intensive, confining newborn calves in tiny hutches and driving their grieving mothers to produce evermore milk – more than in the entire history of farming. Click here to learn more.

This little calf needs her mother’s milk, love and protection, yet she’s deprived of all of these. Help us change that.

This is the sad reality of dairy farms – tiny calves, skinny and frightened, snatched away from their mums just a few hours after birth, confined to live in this plastic isolation. Many call for their mums, desperately seeking comfort that never comes. 

Their mothers, with no calves to suckle, are turned into milking machines, having their milk pumped out at an eye-watering speed so it can be sold to people.  

Many little calves don’t survive this trauma and die of severe diarrhoea caused by inadequate milk replacer and constant stress while some succumb to infection.

Those female calves who make it eventually replace their exhausted mothers. Thousands of teetering male calves are shot in the head shortly after birth – as useless byproducts of dairy farming. Others are sold for veal in the UK or shipped overseas.

This is modern dairy farming and the future is one of even bigger farms where cows are permanently indoors, never graze and produce up to 10 times more milk than is natural. 


Please help us expose the cruel reality of dairy farming! We want to place eye-catching and informative adverts in buses this September to reach as many commuters as possible and we need your help to make it happen. The dairy industry is investing millions in shameless advertising and we need to fight back.


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  • Place panel adverts in buses

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  • Carry on further investigations

  • Produce freely accessible materials to help people change their diet

  • Run educational stalls across the country and support local groups during the Scary Dairy Week of Action (please click on this link if you’d like to take part)


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