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Meet the Author

Tony Wardle was christened on the day the second world war broke out although he claims that the two events were not related. He is a print and TV journalist and writer and the associate director of vegan campaigning group, Viva!, which he helped to found in 1994. He edits and produces their highly-acclaimed magazine, Viva!life.

Through their TV production company Vanson Wardle Productions, Tony and producer/director Yvette Vanson, made documentaries for most of the big broadcast channels, winning a Royal Television Society award and an RTS nomination.

Their Channel 4 documentary The Battle for Orgreave was chosen for screening at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Issue-based videos have won gold and bronze medals at the New York Film & TV Festival, two bronze medals at the Prague Ekofest, a PR Week Public Relations Award, an IVCA Golden Reel Award and an ITVA Award of Excellence.

Book credits include:

  • Presumed Guilty (with Michael Mansfield QC)
  • The Battle for Orgreave
  • The Silent Ark (with Juliet Gellatley)
  • Born to be Wild (with Juliet Gellatley)
  • Livewire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Veggie (with Juliet Gellatley)
  • The Inquest with Michael Mansfield QC (2015 - OUT NOW!)

He is the only British journalist to have won an Hibakusha Travel Grant to visit Japan and research the medical, social and psychological after effects of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He has a daughter Niki by his first wife, Christine, and grandchildren Max and Olivia. He was also married to Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva!, with whom he has twin sons, Jazz and Finn, born in 2002.