Philip McCulloch-Downs, Merchandise Officer | Viva!

Philip McCulloch-Downs, Merchandise Officer

What I do

I started as a volunteer for Viva! in 2003 and was then employed in 2005 as a Merchandising Assistant, from which I have risen to the dizzy heights of Merchandising Officer, and all round King Of Merch (sadly this role does not come with a crown, but I can live with that). I am responsible for sending out all orders of our products, as well as packing for Roadshows and events, recycling as much as possible to keep our Green credentials up, general D.I.Y., and decorating the office with my artwork.

Working at Viva!

Viva! is a friendly, vibrant place to work, with a palpable feeling of fighting for a positive cause - it's really much more of a calling than a job, and the kind, ethical world that has opened up to me has influenced my poetry, artwork and writing - and it's all the better for it!

I went vegan because…

I changed from vegetarian to vegan when I started at Viva! as the information I saw all around me, and the humour, compassion and good health of my new colleagues left me no option! It was a logical decision and one of the best changes I've ever made in my life.

My favourite vegetable…

In all honesty, every single meal I've had since becoming a vegan has been superb, my health has been excellent, I miss out on nothing (cakes, ice cream, chocolate, sweets - all the major food groups) and my very favourite vegetable of all is coffee cake. Or the humble donut (I'm not fussy).