Say “no!” to badger ‘cull’ announced in Wales | Viva!

Say “no!” to badger ‘cull’ announced in Wales


Viva! is very disappointed at the Welsh Government’s decision to implement a limited ‘cull’ of badgers on farms next year with persistent instances of bovine TB. Badgers will be trapped and ones found to have the disease will be killed.


Wales has previously rejected badger ‘culling’ and has made much better progress at reducing TB than England without killing any wildlife.


We believe that this move is purely political and is designed to placate the farming industry. Although the scale is much smaller than in England (although there are fears that the true scale has yet to be revealed), it is important to understand that this is a total misdirection because the vast majority of TB breakdowns are due to poor farming practices not badgers. This move gives a false legitimacy to the idea that badgers are central to controlling TB in cattle.


Tell Wales to u-turn for badgers!


Contact Lesley Griffiths, Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs



Office Address: 
Vernon House
41 Rhosddu Road
LL11 2NS

Phone: 01978 355743

Post: Assembly Address: 
National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA 


“Dear Ms Griffiths


I am hugely disappointed that you have announced badger ‘culling’ in Wales after years of Welsh Labour advocating non-lethal measures.


95 per cent of herds in Wales are now TB free. New herd incidents in Wales have fallen by 40 per cent since 2009. In contrast, badger ‘culling’ in England has failed spectacularly to control the disease in cattle. Despite killing 15,000 badgers and spending around £40 million in the past 4 years, new herd incidents have only reduced by 7.5 per cent, and this has been negligible in the ‘cull’ areas.


Introducing badger ‘culling’ at this stage makes no sense. Figures show that TB in badgers in Wales is at an all-time low of 6.6 per cent nationally and around just 1 per cent in their worst hit area. This lower figure coincides with the areas where badgers have been vaccinated. Finding diseased badgers in these areas will be extremely difficult.


It is a huge shame that the Welsh Labour appears to have caved to pressure from the farming industry – especially as Labour in England have recently committed to stopping the killing of badgers. It is wrong that they continue to be blamed for what is primarily a disease that continues to be driven by failures by the farming industry.


Please abandon plans to kill badgers in Wales.


Yours faithfully


[your name and address]”



Find out what else you can do to help badgers


Donate to help Viva!'s campaigns for badgers


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