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Newfish Greek Runners

Back in October a couple of guys made contact with me expressing a passion for animal rights and saying they wanted to fly the flag for Viva! in their upcoming races.

We didn’t realise the extent of their commitment at this stage, or their endurance.

These boys are considered ultra-runners, to whom a normal marathon is not quite enough. In a similar vein as Scott Jurek, only these guys hold down day-jobs too.

John and Panagiotis have signed up for a series of races ranging from half marathon distance to monster 62km mountain event.

And to top it off they have been hit by an earthquake!! Their island of Kefalonia, west Greece, suffered a series of quakes earlier this month. These two, however, are undeterred and intend to continue their impressive training regime.

John and Panagiotis represent their club “Newfish Runners”. See their club’s Facebook page here.

Follow their progress as the Newfish Greek Runners clock up the miles for Viva! And jog on over to their sponsorship.

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