Erotic Poetry for Vegans | Viva!

Erotic Poetry for Vegans

By Julie Mullen

Marrow Me
I grizzled and drizzled to the solitary part
of my life
My patch
My place
Deep deep down I dug for you
Deep deep down I sung for you
Deep deep down I assumed you would be there
I would take you into my kitchen
I would wash you gently
Stroking your strong hold
Your vitality
But I had to cut you free first
Oh marrow I have dreamt of this day
You of shape
You of story
You of deep penetration
In my soils
In my spoils
You look sad
Freshly bespoke
Near the artichoke
I almost softly spoke
You’re shuddering
Are you scared
That I may compare you
To other marrows that have come before
I cannot let you mine under yourself
Marrow I say
Marrow you have been chosen
By me
By me
I see you weaken
Your green outer skin
You look smaller
You look shrivelled
I take soft lighting
Possess a shirt around you
A Vivienne Westwood pure white linen shirt
I see an awakening
You take your rightful place
Vivienne has woven her magic
She has made you proud to be a marrow
Come hither marrow
I take you to my altar
And I confess to you that from seed
You were always in my sights
I used to watch you from my full window
Green grass blushed at my stare
I would glare at you from seed
You see marrow I knew
That you and I would have destination together
So come marrow come
I open myself to you
I have dressed you with olive oils
I have spent time massaging your tender tender
Are you ready marrow
Ready ripe and mellow
Marrow me
I turn the wedding music up
Marrow me
Gently tell Vivienne to go
Marrow me
And naked now I place you in my soil
In my soul
To grow to grow