Liam Nolan, campaigns assistant & local groups liaison officer


What I do

I started Viva! in 2009 as the Campaigns Assistant.  A lot of my responsibilities revolve around helping people get active, doing things like sending out materials, information and leaflets (if you’ve seen/been sent them, chances are I’ve handled it at some point!), and spreading the message of our campaigns and other work through doing things like the email newsletter.

I went vegan because…

I went vegan when I was 17, pretty much overnight. It was always about the abuse of animals for me, I’ve always been empathetic to suffering and I couldn’t be a part of it once I knew it existed. I’m all for the vegan community and it never fails to amaze me how cool and creative and switched on people are.

My favourite vegetable…

My favourite vegetable is either sweet potato or broccoli, I add them into every meal I can!