Laura Turner, Office Manager | Viva!

Laura Turner, Office Manager

What I do

I'm Laura, Viva!'s Office Manager. I started working here in 2005 as Admin & Merchandise Officer. I'm responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the office admin and managing and delegating work to the Admin & Merchandise staff. My department processes donations, supporter payments, Standing Orders, merchandise orders and any other income. We add these to an income database and supporter database, and reconcile and bank the monies. We send out thank you letters by post and email, assemble and send supporter packs, free information packs and GCSE packs. We are responsible for reception duties and take calls regarding the campaigns, support, veganism and changing diet in general as well as taking merchandise orders and leaflet orders. We also keep the database updated with new names and addresses. I liaise with the Database Manager to ensure that the databases are working to optimum efficiency.

I reply to correspondence received through the post and deal with the emails, where we receive a lot of queries ranging from questions about vegan products to questions about support, campaigns, how to help Viva! spread awareness and how to go vegetarian or vegan. I deal with the Adopt an Animal Scheme, processing and sending adoption packs and liaising with Farm Animal Sanctuary and Viva! Poland. I do various other small jobs such as ordering stationery and updating the vegetarian/vegan celebs section of the website, and also co-ordinate volunteers and work experience students.

Working at Viva!

I love working for Viva! - it's my dream job and I often think about how lucky I am being able to work for something I so strongly believe in. I've seen the vegan population grow so much over the years and on a daily basis hear from people who have decided to stop eating meat, eggs and dairy products.

I went vegan because…

I went vegetarian for ethical reasons at age 13 (following 5 years of trying to persuade my mum!) and went vegan 11 years later after reading about Viva!'s Dark Side of Dairy campaign.

My favourite veg!

My favourite vegetable has to be the potato! They're so versatile and I eat them almost every day in one form or another - roasted, mashed, jacket, fried, as chips, crisps, hash browns, waffles, the list goes on! You can probably tell that I'm not very health conscious, but the vegan diet is so healthy by default that I end up eating well without even having to think about it.