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Toiletries; Cosmetics; Contraception; Medicines; Vitamins; Household


Most of the companies listed here sell all or mostly vegan products, but always check their websites. As ever, this isn’t a fully comprehensive list but
there is more than enough to get you started!

  • Always check with each manufacturer to check they haven’t changed the ‘recipe’! And remember, certain drug companies may be less than ethical when it comes to animal testing so do your homework. BUAV is the UK's expert on all such matters.
  • Many medicines contain gelatine or other animal ingredients,eg capsules or milk derivatives in the pills themselves. Ask your GP for an alternative prescription – or the pharmacist if you are buying over the counter products.
  • Vitamins may also be non-vegan although there are plenty of brands that are OK, eg Solgar – check the label and ask the shop assistant.
  • Vitamin D: see below for information on vegan versions and brands.

A close shave?
Many razor blades aren’t vegan – animal products are used in the strip – but some are OK

  • Preserve: Viva! Shop and elsewhere
  • Superdrug: own brands
  • BIC: all vegan EXCEPT for these:
    • Soleil Twilight
    • Soleil Twist (MvB)
    • Savvy
    • Simply Soleil/Miss Soleil
    • Soleil Shave and Trim
    • Comfort Twin Lady
    • Comfort Teens Purple
    • Comfort 2
    • Action Blue
    • Action Black
    • Action Green
    • Flex O3
    • Action Pink
    • Comfort Teens Green


  • B: cosmetics. Superdrug's own brand, mostly vegan. Packaging labelled clearly (but small!)
  • Barry M Cosmetics: sold by Superdrug. Some are vegan - see below.
  • Beauty Without Cruelty: cosmetics – the original vegan makeup company
  • Bohemian Chic Minerals: cosmetics
  • Emotional Brilliance: cosmetics from Lush
  • GOSH cosmetics: sold by Superdrug - some are vegan. See below.
  • Hard Candy: cosmetics. Some of their range is vegan, available from them and other online stores
  • Lavera: cosmetics, many of which are vegan


  • Beaming Baby
  • Co-op: some of their range – toothpaste, roll-on deodorant, some shampoos and conditioners etc. If vegan, it's indicated on package.
  • Beaming Baby
  • Faith in Nature: everything in range is vegan except for Neem and Propolis hair care products
  • Green People: have a separate vegan range
  • Honesty Cosmetics: all vegan company. They have their own toiletries range and also sell many other vegan products on their website
  • Incognito: eg Insect Repellent
  • Lavera: toiletries, many of which are vegan
  • Lush: look for the Vegan Society symbol on products or ask the helpful staff
  • Skin Blossom: all vegan and registered organic skin and hair care
  • Suncoat: nail polish, mascara; liquid foundations are vegan but check – not everything they sell is vegan (eg lip glosses and lipsticks)
  • Superdrug: most of their own-brand products are vegan or vegetarian. Items are marked on the back of the packet.
    Urban Decay: some of their range is vegan and BUAV approved. Go to 'shop' on their site then 'vegan' for several pages of cool products


Many are not vegan because latex often contains casein, a milk by-product.
However, you'll be pleased to know that Viva! Shop sells condoms or try these:

  • NVS Ltd: all
  • Boots: own brand, all
  • Condomi: all
  • Durex: Avanti; Real Feel; Fetherlite Ultra and Deluxe
    (all non-latex) Glyde Health: Latex Condoms; Sheer Glyde Dams
  • Lifestyles: all
  • Mates: Mates SKYN
  • ONE: all except ONE Zero
  • Pasante: all latex condoms
  • Safex: all
  • Sir Richard’s Condom Company: all
  • Tesco: all Sequre range


Oral Contraceptives
Pfizer: Femulen


Contraceptive Patches
Janssen-Cilag: Evra



Contraceptive Injection

  • Bayer: Noristerat
  • Pfizer: Depo-Provera


Feminine Hygiene

  • Mooncup: alternative to tampons and towels. Available from health
    food shops – high street and online; Boots; Amazon etc
  • Natracare: tampons and towels. Available from health food shops – high
    street and online. Also Waitrose and Ocado


Household cleaning products

  • Astonish: sold in lots of outlets including Wilco's. Click on the link for suppliers.
    All their products cheap, non-tested and vegan - and they work.
  • Bio-D: all
  • Co-op: some of their range, eg dishwasher tablets, laundry.
    All suitable products are clearly labelled as free from animal products and testing
  • Earth Friendly
  • Ecoleaf
  • Ecozone
  • Faith in Nature
  • Method


Useful sites
BUAV supply a list of approved companies that are both vegan and non-tested. FFI E: T: 020 7700 4888
The Beauty Diaries - a blog with lots of useful info and reflections on ethical products


Vegan-friendly candles are made from plant oils like soya – longer burning and better
for the environment – or paraffin. These can be found in mainstream outlets but always
read the label/ask an assistant. Non-vegan candles use animal fats (tallow, stearin etc) or beeswax.

  • A Lot of Candles: all vegan range of candles and more
  • Aroma Candles: soya candles
  • Brackencraft: a dedicated vegan company
  • Heaven Scent: lovely tealights!
  • IKEA: quite a lot of their range is OK but many of the long thin types contain stearin (see above). Their packaging is pretty clear.