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Meat & Fish Alternatives

These are useful products, especially if you are living in a mixed household or just want to throw something vegan on a friend’s barbecue!


  • Quorn in the UK is currently not vegan (it contains egg and dairy) – but we live in hope, as Quorn USA recently produced a vegan burger. Maybe (the veggie) Bruce Springsteen will do a vegan makeover version based on his classic tune! Read how Compassion over Killing got the Quornsters to ditch cruelty here! We UK groups keep lobbying Quorn UK but nothing so far...
  • Gluten-free or wheat-free? Many of the products listed below are suitable for the gluten or wheat intolerant. However, many aren't, so, as always, check the packet.

Burgers and cutlets

  • Alicer: Mexican Burgers; Tandoori Burgers; Thai Burgers; Vegetable Burgers
  • Asda: Nut Cutlets; Spicy Bean and Nacho Burgers; Lemon & Herb Piri Piri Quarter Pounders; Vegetable Goulash Crispbakes; Butternut Squash Quarter Pounders
  • Biona: Organic Energy Mini Burgers
  • Clear Spot: Organic Tofu Sesame Burgers; Sesame Burgers
  • Dragonfly: Beany Organic Cabbage Tatty; Organic Beany Organic Beany Burgers (assorted flavours eg Mushroom, Nut or Vegetable); Mixed Beany Savoury Choice; Savoury Roast Organic Beany
  • Fry’s: Vegetarian Golden Crumbed Schnitzel; Vegetarian Chicken Style Burgers; Vegetarian Traditional Burgers; Vegetarian Spiced Burgers
  • Goodlife Fairtrade – all their range is now vegan: Nut Cutlets; Fruity Falafel Quarter Pounders; Garden Vegetable Quarter Pounders; Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders
  • Grassingtons: Spicy Bean Burgers; Vegetable Burgers
  • Linda McCartney: Vegetable Roasties
  • Sainsbury’s: Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders; Vegetable Burgers; Vegetarian Nut Cutlets
  • Taifun: Cutlets, with either Corn & Pepper, Spelt & Sunflower or Tofu, Hazelnut and Green Spelt
  • V-Bites: Gourmet Meat-free Quarter Pounder; VegiDeli Organic Schnitzels and more
  • Vegetarian Choice: Vegetable Protein Burgers; Lincolnshire Sausages
  • Viana: Veggie Wiener Schnitzel; Cowgirl Veggie Steaks; Bonanza Veggie Steaks

Dried Products: mixes and TVP (textured vegetable protein)
Dried mixes used to be all that was available and many people have ditched these products for ready-made sausages, burgers etc. However, they are cheaper than frozen or chilled products, are a good pantry staple – and great for camping trips! Use them to make rissoles, burgers, sausages, stuffed veggies. Try adding asplash of wine for a treat!

Asda: Meat-free dried mixes: Mexican Chilli; Sausage; Falafel; Lincolnshire Sausage; Burger Mix
Essential: Sosmix dried – assorted flavours
Granose: Burger Mixes (various); Sausage Mixes (various); Nut Roasts (various)
Simon Rimmer:Tomato Biryani, Mixed Bean Chilli, Onion Bhaji Mix, Carrot & Coriander Falafel Mix

Soya-based, this product comes in two colours – pale beige (plain) and brown
(flavoured) – and is sold as mince or chunks. Whichever you use, enhance the flavour
by soaking in concentrated hot stock first. Can be used in savoury dishes to replace
meat, eg Shepherd’s Pie, ‘Chicken’ curry, pies etc

Suma: TVP Chunks; TVP Flavoured Chunks; TVP Flavoured Mince; TVP Mince
Own-brands: chunks and mince sold in health food shops




Fish alternatives

  • Clearspot: Organic Sea Cakes
  • V-Bites: Vegetarian Breaded Fish-style Fingers; Fishless Steaks; Scampi-style Pieces; Thai Fish-style Cakes 



Meat-style pieces

  • Asda: Chicken-style Pieces
  • Fry’s: Vegetarian Chicken-style Strips; Vegetarian Chicken-style Nuggets; Vegetarian Beef-style Strips
  • Realeat: Meat-Free Chicken-style Pieces
  • V-Bites: Chorizo-style Chunks; Vegi-Deli Chicken-style Pieces; Vegi-Deli Organic Nuggets
  • Viana: Chickin Frikassee, Nuggets and Fillets


Most veggie mince is vegan – but not Quorn

  • Asda: Vegetarian Mince
  • Fry’s: Vegetarian Mince
  • Linda McCartney: Vegetarian Mince
  • Sainsbury’s: Meat-free Mince
  • Tesco: Meet the Alternative Beef Style Mince
  • V-Bites: Vegideli Vegetarian Mince




  • Granovita: a wide range, including Spicy Mexican Organic; Organic Tangy Tomato Pâté
  • Le Sojami: Fresh Soy Pâté: Olive; Seaweed
  • San Amvrosia: Spicy Pinto Bean Dip
  • Taifun: Pâté Verdi
  • Tartex Organic: a range, including Chilli Yeast Pâté; Sundried Tomato
  • Tartex non-organic: a range, including Roasted Onion & Pink Peppercorn; Olive and Garlic
  • V-Bites: Vegideli Beanfeast; Organic Brussels-style; Gourmet Mushroom; Making Waves Tuna-style; Duck-style & Orange
  • Viana Tofu Crème: a range, including Papricanon; Pepper; Home Style; Veggie Garden

Roasts & bakes

  • Dragonfly: Tatty – Potato and Rice Cake
  • Goodlife: Bistro Root Vegetable Roast; Hearty Vegetable Bakes;
    Spicy Lentil & Vegetable Wedge; Spinach & Lentil Grill
  • Grassingtons: Multigrain Vegetable Bakes
  • V-Bites: Cheatin’ Roast, Turkey or Beef; Cheatin’ Celebration Roast


  • Dragonfly: Organic Soysage
  • Fry’s: Braai Flavour; Traditional; Hot Dogs; Veg Express Sausage Rolls; Vegetarian Poloni 
  • Goodlife: Glamorgan Sausages
  • Linda McCartney: Sausages; Sausage Rolls
  • Sainsbury's Meat-free Sausages
  • Taifun: Organic Grill Sausages, also with herbs;
    Organic Mini Weiner/Frankfurters; Organic Tofu Weiner/Frankfurters;
    Puszta Wiener Hungarian Style
  • V-Bites: Gourmet Sage & Marjoram; Hot Dog Style; Organic Oregano & Basil;
    Organic Curry Sausages; Organic Frankfurter Style; Pork Style; Vegideli Lincolnshire Style
  • Vegetarian Choice: Lincolnshire Sausages; Vegetable Protein Sausages
  • Wicken Fen: most of their sausages are vegan but a couple include dairy cheese so check
    the labels. Vegan flavours include New Recipe Cumberland Sausages; Mushroom & Tarragon;
    Tomato & Garlic; Country Herb; Tasty Mexicana

Seitan (pronounced ‘Satan’!) and gluten are the same thing. It's a high-protein meat replacement
made from the heart of wheat - gluten - and has been used in Asia for thousands of years. Chinese
restaurants that offer a ‘Buddhist vegetarian’ menu often use it, along with tofu and various mushrooms.
Western veggie chefs use it in pies, roasts or slices. It is tasty and nutritious but obviously not suitable
for the wheat and gluten intolerant. It is also easy to make at home, using ready-prepared gluten flour
(sometimes called 'vital gluten'). Veggie Stuff, Alternative Stores and some independent health food shops
sell it pretty cheaply. See our pepperoni recipe - and check out other seitan ideas in The Viva! Cookbook.

  • Companion: Mock Duck, Mock Chicken etc – available in tins from Oriental supermarkets
  • Granose: Mock Duck - available in tins from health food shops
  • Lima: Seitan
  • Mong Lee Shang: Braised Gluten, tinned – see Companion brand
  • Primal Strips: Jerky
  • Viana: Seitan
  • Yakso: Seitan



Slices and Rashers

  • VBites: Cheatin’ Slices: Ham; Chicken; Beef; Garlic Sausage; Pepperoni; Turkey,
    Sage and Onion; Streaky-style Vegetarian Rashers; Vegideli Organic
  • Vegetarian Rashers
  • Vegusto Sandwich Slices: Lion-style; Dill; Smoked; Deli-style; Mediterranean-style




Tempeh originates from Indonesia. It is a natural product made by fermenting
soya beans into a slab with firm texture. It's high in protein, with an interesting taste
and texture. We like it fried in rashers with soya sauce – but try using chunks in a curry sauce, too.

  • Doctor Tempeh: sells organic tinned tempeh in a traditional curry sauce, made in Indonesia
    from local spices and organic soya beans
  • Fresh Tempeh: online from
  • Impulse Foods: frozen – Plain or Herb & Garlic; Organic Smoky Slices;
    fresh – Plain; Hemp Seeds; Sea Vegetables - good health food shops, high street
    or online
  • V-Bites: Tempeh Rashers
  • Viana: Tempeh




Tofu is also called beancurd and has also been eaten in Asia for thousands of years.
It is a healthy, low-fat nutritious and highly versatile food that comes in different types,
textures and flavours. Tofu is made from soya beans, water and a natural coagulating
agent which transforms the fresh soya milk into curds. Then these curds are weighted
down and drained to make the tofu – a very similar process to how dairy cheese is made!

- Plain tofu - medium, firm or extra firm, found just about everywhere. Sold in chill cabinets. Fried in cubes or
steaks and used in stir-fries, Thai curries etc
- Silken tofu - longlife or fresh, used to make creamy quiches, cheesecakes, chocolate mousse and other dishes

Flavoured tofu – various types, eg marinated pieces; deep-fried (Oriental stores); smoked;
basil; sun-dried tomato; braised etc – cut into chunks or thin slices. Use cold or heat up and
add to other dishes just before serving. Smoked tofu can be fried up in slices until quite
crispy – add a splash of soya sauce just before serving

  • Blue Dragon: Firm and Extra-Firm Silken Tofu (longlife)
  • Cauldron: Organic Marinated Tofu Pieces; Original Tofu
  • Clearspot: Organic Tofu; Naturally Smoked Tofu; Marinated Tofu
  • Clearspring: Silken tofu in a longlife carton
  • Danival: Organic Lentils and Tofu with Vegetables
  • Dragonfly Tofu: Natural; Smoked; Deep Fried
  • Marigold: Braised Tofu (tinned)
  • Morinaga: Silken Tofu, assorted types
  • Mori-Nu Silken Style Tofu: Soft; Firm; Extra-Firm
  • Taifun Organic: Tofu Rosso (sundried tomatoes); Basil Tofu; Smoked Tofu; Smoked Tofu with Almonds & Sesame Seeds; Olive; Silken
  • Unicurd: Oriental supermarkets eg Korean, Chinese, Thai - non-GM and also an organic range of soft, medium and firm fresh tofu
  • Viana: Real Nigari Tofu; Real Smoked Tofu; Hazelnut Tofu; Sprout Tofu
  • Other: Oriental supermarkets sell good quality and good value tofu. Some are branded (and are more likely to be non GM or organic), own-brand fresh is not usually labelled with such information