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Dairy & Egg Alternatives


Vegan cheese has improved vastly over the years, as has the range of products and flavours available. There is no vegan Brie yet but who knows…?!
There's also a new dedicated vegan cheese site. www.vegancheese.co.uk/

  • Mozzarisella: vegan mozzarella that melts.
  • Sheese hard cheese: eleven flavours such as Smoked Cheddar and Cheshire. Plus two Melty flavours: Mild Cheddar and Red Cheddar
  • Sheese creamy: five flavours including Original (good for cheesecake) to Garlic & Herb
  • Tesco: see page xx
  • Tofutti creamy cheese: six flavours including Original (excellent for cheesecake); Garlic & Herb; Olive Tofutti: Creamy Smooth Slices (Mozzarella and Cheddar); and grated Mozzarella – good for pizzas etc
  • V-Bites: Cheezly comes in at least nine assorted flavours including Mozzarella, Blue, Cheddar and a rather good Parmy-style. Melting Cheezly is also available in Mozzarella (good for pizza) and more. There is also a soya-free variety – and a Christmas selection pack – as well as slices in selected flavours
  • Violife: sold in slices and 'pizza' melting blocks. Good taste and price - this works with non-vegans more than most in our experience. Find it in larger branches of Asda, Tesco, Waitrose as well as health food shops
  • Veganic: assorted types, available online and selected stores
  • Vegusto No-Moo: this Swiss company sells seven delicious flavours including Piquant (a bit like Parmesan); Walnut; Melty and No-Moo Sauce – a ready-made cheese sauce


  • Alpro: single pouring cream, soya-based
  • Ecomil: Cuisine – almond-based single cream - Ocado, Goodness and health food shops
  • Oatly: oat-based single cream
  • Provamel: see Alpro (Provamel tend to be in health food shops, Alpro mainly in supermarkets)
  • Sojatoo: Whipping Cream (coconut, rice or soya) – in cartons or spray cans, health food shops and online
  • Tofutti Sour Supreme: soya-based sour cream - mainly health food shops but Goodness sells it
  • Whiptop: squirty cream in a can. Sold in larger Tesco and Sainsbury's

Cartons, ready-made

  • Alpro - large Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose plus Ocado and health food shops
  • Provamel - health food shops


  • Birds and most 'original' supermarket own-brands in a tub are suitable - avoid the packets of 'instant' powder mix, which contain dairy (whey).
  • Just Wholefoods All Natural Custard Powder - health food shops

To make vegan custard:
1. Follow the instructions on the tub, but replace the cow's milk with a plant milk of your choice.
2. Reduce the plant milk to 450ml if you want thick custard (instead of the 570ml/pint on the packet instructions).
3. Taste and add more sugar if necessary – stir well until it has dissolved in the heat.
4. If the custard is too thick just add a bit more liquid and mix in well!



  • Ener-G egg replacer: a replacement raising agent used in baking
  • Orgran egg replacer: as Ener-G
  • Vegg: this can be used in baking too. However, it has more of an eggy flavour (if that's your thing), so can be used in other ways. See www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk and Vegg’s own website for recipes
  • Linseed, also called flax seed: 1 tbsp finely ground linseed mixed with 4 tbsp hot water is the equivalent to one egg. An electric/spice grinder does this in a jiffy and remaining mixture can be stored in the fridge to keep its Omega 3 etc nice and fresh!
    • What do you use ground linseeds for?
      • As a binder in cakes, brownies etc (not a raising agent). Don’t use more than 1 tbsp in one cake as it will taste too strong
      • As a binder in savoury dishes (1-2 tbsp and 4-8 tbsp hot water) eg nut roast. 
      • Flax meal (packets of ready-ground linseeds/flax seeds are also sold in many large supermarkets and health food shops
  • Tofu makes a great scramble and is easy to make. Check out www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk for a lovely recipe








  • Biona: Spread (assorted) - leader in Ethical Consumer magazine's survey
  • Co-op: Soft Spread
  • M&S: Sunflower Spread; Sunflower Spread Light Dairy Free
  • Pure: Soya or Sunflower – available in many supermarkets
  • Sainsbury’s: Free-from Spread
    Suma: Soya or Sunflower
  • Tesco: Free-from Soya Spread
  • Vitalite: Dairy-free Spread



There are lots of great alternatives to milk from an animal - and they are made from grains, beans (soya), nuts
or seeds. They are all quite different. It's worth experimenting a bit until you find one that suits you. Plant milks are delicious but some are quite different from dairy milk. However, remember that taste buds change over a few weeks... what might have once tasted 'normal' is likely to taste quite different after a while!

Soya milk

  • Plain - sweetened or unsweetened, organic or fortified (an easy way to get calcium, vitamin B12 etc)
  • Long-life or fresh, as above
  • Flavoured, eg chocolate, banana or strawberry

Grain milks

  • Rice milk: plain; fortified; plain and chocolate. Rice Dream is the main brand but there are others
  • Oat - Oatly or other brands
  • Quinoa - Ecomil or other brands

Nut or seed milks

  • Almond: Ecomil and others
  • Coconut (made for pouring and hot drinks, different from the thick stuff used for cooking), eg Kara, Tesco etc
  • Hazelnut: Ecomil and others
  • Hemp: Ecomil and Kara brands but there are others too

The most common brands are:

  • Alpro: mostly sold in supermarkets or health food shops. They sell a big range, which also includes yoghurts, pouring crème, soya desserts and more
  • Ecomil: almond, hazelnut etc
  • Granovita: soya milk
  • Kara: coconut milk which is sold either chilled or fresh. Both types are fortified
  • Plamil: the first soya milk producer in the UK! Their soya milk is organic and was voted best-buy by Ethical Consumer magazine
  • Provamel: Alpro’s sister group, mostly sold in health food shops. It has a similar range to Alpro
  • So-good: fresh soya milk, assorted flavours including chocolate
  • Soya Soleil: soya milk
  • Supermarkets: each sells at least one type of own-brand range of soya milk, usually long-life - including Aldi and Lidl. Supermarkets may also sell fresh and a ‘value’ long-life - increasingly, chains such as Tesco are also starting to sell own-brand plant milks like coconut or hazelnut in their free-from range

Plain, fruity and pouring yoghurt is available in larger supermarkets as well as health food shops and delis.
They are mostly soya but Co-Yo is coconut-based and Wot No Dairy is made from pea protein.

  • Alpro: 500ml tubs of plain; vanilla; pouring; fruit yoghurt (large tubs); four-packs of assorted fruity
  • Co-Yo: coconut based yoghurt, assorted flavours
  • Granovita: Soyesse, assorted flavours
  • Provamel: see Alpro
  • Sojade: assorted flavours - Viva!'s personal favourite. Health food shops
  • Tesco: assorted flavours including delicious lemon
  • V-Bites: Wot, No Dairy? A soya-free range with assorted flavours