Katrina Gazley, Merchandise & Sales Manager | Viva!

Katrina Gazley, Merchandise & Sales Manager

What I do

I run the Merchandise Department and produce our Gifts for Life fundraising catalogue. A big perk of the job is seeing someone wear a t-shirt you helped design – getting to sample the latest vegan treats isn’t too bad either! As Sales Manager, I work with a lot of ethical companies in a reciprocal way; promoting their vegan products/services in our magazine Viva!life and helping to raise Viva!’s profile through the distribution of our guides and materials.

I also coordinate the Viva! discount scheme and book stalls at events.

Working at Viva!

I’m unabashedly proud and privileged to have been one of the team for six years and counting.

I went vegan because…

For me, becoming vegetarian and then vegan was my transition into adulthood; exercising my beliefs and stepping away from the pack. I was always an ‘animal person’ and delighted at doing school projects on the rainforest and endangered species, so at 13 years of age it seemed natural not to destroy the ‘things’ I cared about (River Phoenix might have had a little something to do with it too!).

I became vegan when I realised that using animals, whether for food or fashion usually involved suffering so I chose compassion instead. Plus vegan food rocks! 

My favourite vegetable…

The vegetable that tickles my taste buds has to be the mighty squash (OK, technically it’s a fruit). Never boring (in both looks and shape), always full of flavour – squash is the go to veg for me, nothing beats digging into a bright orange, slow-roasted Kabocha squash, sprinkled with a little sea salt and lemon zest!