Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager and deputy director | Viva!

Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager and deputy director

What I do

I’ve worked at Viva! since 2004, on successful campaigns from exposing the conditions of factory farmed pigs to ending the sale of foie-gras by the world’s largest online retailer.  I have appeared on numerous TV and radio programmes and have placed dozens of stories exposing animal cruelty in national and regional press.

Working at Viva!

I love working for Viva! because despite seeing the worst excesses of cruelty to animals I know I have the opportunity to help stop that suffering. Viva! save lives and it is a privilege and honour to be a part of such a vital organisation.

I went vegan because…

I know animals feel pain and love like we do. Being vegan is the best thing I can do to be a friend to them. I also know that being vegan isn’t about giving up the good things in life – which is lucky as I’m partial to chocolate and the odd tipple!

My favourite vegetable…

Sugar snap peas! I always have a bowl of salad, fruit and veg to snack on and sugar snap peas are the perfect snack.

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