Johnathan Skinner, Senior Web Developer | Viva!

Johnathan Skinner, Senior Web Developer

What I do

I work as part of Viva!'s web team, updating & expanding our websites, as well as working with other software technologies to help us get the vegan message out there.


Working at Viva!

It's amazing to work with such an inspiring group of people, and be part of the movement to making a vegan world!


I went vegan because…

It's not right to force anyone through something you wouldn't be willing to experience yourself. I wouldn't want to be treated like a piece of property, confined to a factory farm, or have my life ended in brutal slaughter. Since I wouldn't want these things to happen to me, it wouldn't be right to allow these things to happen to animals on my behalf.


My favourite veg

I'm more of a fruit person myself... mangoes, bananas, dates, oranges, blackberries, pomegranate, cherimoya, lychee, mangosteen... the list goes on!