Fundraising (Digital) Manager | Viva!

Fundraising (Digital) Manager

Full time
(Part time will be considered; please state number of hours preferred)

To apply, please send a letter (addressed to Juliet Gellatley, Founder & Director, Viva!) and CV to:
Director’s Team (Job Applications), Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH
OR by email to with the email subject "Job Application".

The covering letter should detail:

  • Why you are vegan or vegetarian
  • Why you want to work for Viva!
  • Your work experience and how it relates to this role
  • Your education/further education and how it relates to this role
  • If you have a driving licence and do you drive?
  • Your pastimes/hobbies
  • Anything else relevant

The CV to include:

  • Education and Results
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Two Work Referees
  • Current (or Last) Salary

Job Description

The role of Fundraising (Digital) Manager is to raise funds for Viva!; to plan, develop and deliver the fundraising campaigns largely via digital channels; and be responsible for maximising fundraising income generated through digital products, platforms and services and analyse results. Also the Fundraising Manager will develop, create and deliver a strategy for raising funds via non-digital means.

The Fundraising (Digital) Manager will work closely with the Database Manager, Web Manager and other teams and report directly to the Director.

  • Develop and manage digital fundraising and income generation strategy with targets
  • Integrate all digital and fundraising strategies and ensure that digital opportunities are fully exploited to maximise fundraising potential
  •  Create and manage a calendar of digital fundraising content for the website, social media networks and other digital channels, including email; incorporating non-digital strategy
  • Set and monitor key performance indicators for digital fundraising, including the measurement of digital fundraising income
  • Liaise with other teams (eg Digital Marketing, Campaigns and Web) on the development of the website to ensure that a fundraising angle is included on all new projects where appropriate
  • Manage key onsite journeys to maximise conversion, completion rates and income generation
  • Review all campaigns, events and projects to develop fundraising angles
  • Extend and develop ecommerce activity, improving the user experience and results in order to increase revenue generation
  • Support digital and offline marketing activity to help drive traffic to Viva! donation journeys
  • Explore and develop appropriate strategic partnerships to maximise income generation opportunities through digital

Other duties:

  • Research grant-giving bodies and apply for grants
  • Develop and implement strategies for increasing membership and improving retention rates for donors and supporters
  • Develop and implement strategies for developing loyalty from high donors
  • Develop and implement direct marketing strategies, including appeals to supporters and inserts in various publications
  • Produce legacy materials and promote legacy giving to Viva!
  • Develop fundraising from supporters of Viva! (including liaising with supporters who fundraise, publicising their efforts and thanking them)
  • Be involved with any other fundraising strategies/implementation when requested