Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator | Viva!

Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator

What I do

My job entails cooking; researching new products; teaching cookery via demonstrations to various age groups and audiences; writing recipes; contributing and maintaining www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk as well as creating recipes for Viva! and Viva!Health guides, eg Everyone’s Going Dairy-free. So not only is it the best job in the world but I work with the best bunch of people ever – all passionate, clever vegans – and I work with food, wading in a large pot of vegan loveliness and cake.

Working at Viva!

Veganism both saves and changes lives. Our campaigners do the tough stuff of investigating and publicising animal suffering. My role is to get people to realise they can live really well on a plant-based diet. The food thing is enormous fun as well as being massively positive – every person who goes vegan or veggie immediately starts saving lives and the environment. How lucky am I that I can help with that process.

I went vegan because…

I went vegan in 2001 – I had a bit of an epiphany after snorkelling with fish then returning to a lunch table filled with enormous dead fish and shellfish. I went back to being veggie immediately, did a crash web course on vegetarian issues for the next few weeks – and within 2 months I was fully vegan. The more I read about the scale of animal suffering, environmental collapse, the deadening of human compassion and the relation to starvation across the world, the more I was convinced there was no turning back. I also discovered Viva!’s work, thought they were so amazing that I joined – then became a volunteer. I escaped 15 years of English teaching to start work there in  2004 – where did that decade go?! – going from Juliet’s PA to Food & Cookery Coordinator.

My favourite vegetable…

Well, it wavers between aubergines and mushrooms – with kale or broccoli in there too!