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Independent retailers and useful resources



Independent shops
These sites will help you find an independent shop in your area (National Association of Health Stores) or the Mumsnet local health food shop page. Or just do a search for 'health food shops' plus your locality.

Online stores
These are on the increase and many on our list sell a wide range of products, not just food.
Viva! Shop – of course! – is a good place to start for vegan sweeties, wine, chocolate, T-shirts, books, gifts and lots more.
Alternative Stores all vegan products: food, clothing and more
Goodness Direct Not wholly veggie/vegan but has a massive range
Honest to Goodness All vegan company
Realfoods Veggie/vegan/organic/free-from specialists, including organic vital gluten flour (for making seitan). Online and also a 'real' shop in Edinburgh. Minimum online order of £24 for free delivery in UK (as at 26/11/2014) Also ship world-wide.
V-Bites meat and dairy alternatives and much more! Also have a cool cafe in Brighton. Mmmmm.
Vegan Co - lots of lovely stuff here
Vegan Store great range, from chocolate to cosmetics to footwear and more
Vegan X (they also have a real shop in Hackney, London) - really interesting range of food and more
Veggiestuff - useful for human as well as animal food, including good advice about feeding companion animals
Vegusto for their amazing vegan cheeses, faux meats and more

Other useful resources
Animal Free Shopper – available from Viva! Shop, as linked. It's the Big Momma of everything vegan and the original, courtesy of the Vegan Society  a regularly updated, sassy website that is honest and thorough - massive range of vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free product reviews
Veganuary - not just for January! A contemporary site that's full of recipes, ideas, inspiration and more.

We've only listed a handful of websites here but the web is an indispensable resource – full of amazing blogs, websites, forums, recipes, campaign news and more – and all free.Get surfin'!