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INVESTIGATION: Hogwood Farm, Warwickshire

Hogwood Farm is a horror farm in Warwickshire housing 15,000 pigs. It is one of the largest pig farms Viva! has ever seen. Conditions there for pigs are so appalling we have launched a campaign urging supporters to TAKE ACTION and help us close the farm down.



Viva!’s shocking findings at Hogwood reveal not only the widespread neglect and abuse of pigs but also the failings of a government and industry to effectively protect the welfare of factory farmed animals in Britain today.

The heart-breaking footage reveals a catalogue of pain and suffering that cannot be ignored - extreme overcrowding inside vast, barren sheds housing thousands of pigs, routine tail mutilations, cruel farrowing crates, filthy and waterlogged floors, sick and dying pigs left in a gangway and shed, no meaningful environmental stimulation and piles of decaying and maggot-infested piglets left to rot in a wheelbarrow.

Despite the shocking nature of the findings, Viva! suspects that some will still be considered legal while others surely cannot be as it would be unacceptable. Farming, it seems, has degenerated to such a degree that the abhorrent treatment of animals has become the norm. This is the reality of British pork. 

In 2016, there were only 31 farmed animal welfare convictions in Britain and, as in 2015, these were mainly for ‘visible animals’. In other words, sheep and cattle housed outside. Despite being made aware of potential welfare infringements by Viva!, there appears to be no prosecutions for large-scale pig or poultry producers. This disturbing lack of prosecutions points to a failure by the UK government to treat the welfare of animals on factory farms with the seriousness it deserves. APHA (Animal Health & Plant Agency) have previously described farmers as their ‘customers’. This and the lack of transparency gives us little faith that they are impartial and always take appropriate action.

The abhorrent findings at Hogwood and the low number of prosecutions indicate that the protection of animals on factory farms has no priority and yet the public is still being spun the line that we have the ‘best animal welfare in the world’. The British government must hold Hogwood accountable for its wrongdoings towards pigs and stop sweeping animal cruelty and abuse under the carpet.

Viva! has reported our serious concerns about Hogwood to the APHA.

This campaign has attracted a huge amount of media attention including:


Take action to close down Hogwood

Viva! is taking the unusual step of urging supporters to TAKE ACTION against Hogwood Farm by demanding the government close it down. We also ask that you urge APHA to treat ALL farmed animal cruelty reports seriously and carry out its own investigations into the allegations.

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