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Veggie Convenience Foods

Turning veggie doesn’t have to mean spending more time in the kitchen (although it’s surprising how rewarding that can be, if you want to try it!). The range of vegetarian convenience foods is enormous. Every major supermarket sells items from microwave curries to ready-made stir fries to veggie sausages. They also sell things like tinned vegetarian chillies and many tinned and fresh soups are vegetarian (check the ingredient list to be sure, though). Even many local shops now sell veggie microwave meals in their chiller cabinets. Some supermarkets also stock slightly more obscure items – it’s always worth checking out their organic section. Ready-made pasta and curry sauces are perfect for veggie dishes if you’re willing to rattle pots and pans at all and they’re available everywhere. If you have a health food shop near you – and almost every medium-sized town has at least one – you’ll find a whole range of amazing foods: “fake” chicken and ham for sandwiches; veggie sausages, burgers and roasts; delicious desserts – you name it. For more ideas on simple veggie eating – including suggestions for breakfast, lunch, even picnics! - check out our comprehensive on-line guide, The L-Plate Vegetarian.