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How to go veggie


Becoming vegetarian really is easy – and Viva! is here to make it easier still. Vegetarian food is easy to buy, easy to prepare and very, very easy to enjoy. Far from “missing out”, almost all vegetarians find that they end up eating a greater variety of foods than they ever did when they ate meat. There isn’t a supermarket, a market or a restaurant you can visit today that won’t offer vegetarian food and the range available – from fabulous curries, incredibly tasty “meat substitutes” and gorgeous fruits and vegetables – is almost endless. The days when British food was “meat and two veg” are long gone and you will eat better than ever, we guarantee it.

But we know it still feels like a big step to take: that’s why we’ve put all our knowledge and experience on these pages to help you. Whatever kind of advice you need, it should be here. And if it isn’t: email and we’ll provide it personally.

Where to Start – vegetarian basics.

Veggie Nutrition – how to get the most from a vegetarian diet.

"BUT WHAT ABOUT . . ?" – The Top 20 Comments and Questions about Vegetarianism

Myths and Misconceptions – The truth behind some common myths.

Veggie Recipes – fabulous vegetarian recipes from around the world.

Veggie Convenience Foods – and where to get them.

For loads more ideas and information check out our on-line guide, The L-Plate Vegan