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How to go vegan


Becoming vegan isn’t difficult – it just requires a little thought and commitment. You can’t live on crisps, cornflakes and soya milk – but with all that fabulous vegan food out there, who would want to? Luckily, vegan food is the first thing you see when you walk into most supermarkets – row upon row of tasty, nutritious and attractive fresh vegetables. Vegan products, meanwhile, are available everywhere - from tins of beans at your corner shop to vegan roasts in your health food shop, they are all around if you know where to look. Dairy-free alternatives to milk and butter are on sale in every big supermarket and many small ones and you don’t have to give up chocolate, cakes, ice cream, beer, wine or any of the other good things in life either. Our guide, The L-Plate Vegan, takes you through the whole process and if there are any questions you can’t find the answers to here, just email us at and we’ll answer them for you.