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Viva! saves animals

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Viva! is opposed to the slaughter and exploitation of animals for any purpose. We have been actively campaigning against factory farming for 25 years — again and again we push the vegan debate back on the agenda with our hard-hitting campaigns.

What We Do

Most farmed animals spend their short, brutal lives in confinement, pain and misery. Through our solid research, undercover investigations and media exposés, we show people the realities of modern farming practices.

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We believe in the power of consumers to choose a kinder lifestyle – so we work hard to expose the truth about factory farming, because every person who chooses to go vegan saves lives. Please support our work by donating today.


Text donateText VIVA 5 to 70085 to give £5 to Viva! now, or give monthly by texting VIVAMONTHLY 5 (texts cost std network rate + donated amount). How will we use your info?


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Give in other ways? Get in touch with us at or call 0117 944 1000 to talk to us - or ask about raising money, giving in your Will or just donating by phone.

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Find out about our dairy-free campaigns!Find out about our Hogwood Farm campaign.Visit our online shop - the best selection of vegan merch and edible goodies!Our Vegan Recipe Club has hundreds of delicious, tried-and-tested recipes.

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