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Pat Mear has been painting and creating since art college in the 1960's, although for the decade or so when she was local Croydon Contact for about 8 animal welfare groups and Coordinator of Croydon Animal Aid Group, campaigns, a monthly news magazine, and regular public displays, on vegetarianism, vivisection, cruel sports etc took priority.


Much of her larger canvasses have never been publically seen, although one, which was shown at the Royal Academy, led to a whole series dedicated to the 'whistle blower', biologist Rachel Carson. She has however exhibited in a number of galleries and has a following of people who like her work, some preferring the fine line Indian Ink animal drawings which were originally commissioned by Friends of the Earth, but were then welcomed by various other charities who used them for illustration etc. Another recurring and more meditative theme she refers to as her 'Pebbles series'.

Her paintings are creative rather than figurative, but reflect her passion for the natural environment and respect for its ecology, in a very personal way, whether huge canvasses or tiny watercolours.

Why vegan? - This was a swift progression from vegetarianism when Pat became involved in animal welfare many decades ago!

Pat has just raised over £200 from the sale of CATS (see poster) in Beckenham Library benefitting Bromley Cats Protection.

Details of Pat’s 3 remaining vegan collages are:
COW, 34.5 x 28.5 cms, £95
THEIR LAST SUPPER, watercolour and collage, 40 x 30 cms, £135
PIG 'Please don't eat me', 56 x 44 cms, £150