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How to raise money for Viva!

Neil is a photographic artist who organises exhibitions where profits from sales of his work go towards animal rights and animal welfare charities such as Viva! Check out Neil's website for upcoming events and projects or contact him directly to discuss commissions or working with him.

Contact Details:

Neil Young Photography

T: 07940 112142
Facebook: NeilYoungPhoto
Twitter: NeilYoungPhoto

About Neil

I feel that my role, as an intuitive artist with great empathy for animals, is to use my talents for the greater good - to challenge the great injustices that animals face in ways that anyone can connect with and encourage positive cultural change in how animals are thought about and treated.

For example. my last show, 'You, like me: intimate portraits of farmed animals’, was a collection of images of farmed animals alongside their stories - taken from interviews with the people who take care of them - which encourage people to make eye contact with the animal and get a real feel for its individual personality and history.

As a photographic artist, I enjoy the excitement I get during shoots when I’m with a bird or animal and something happens – perhaps we both relax enough, or there is some other kind of connection – and I am privileged to record this: it is deeply satisfying. I also love sharing my work and seeing how a particular photograph can trigger memories and feelings in people about their relationship with farmed animals. I am often moved by the animals I meet and their stories, especially those living on farmed animal sanctuaries who tend to have experienced fear and violence in their past.

Have a look at my portfolio and be in touch if you like the images or are interested in discussing a commission. 20% of all profits will go to Viva!

Viva!LIFE magazine

Neil also works with Viva! to support Viva!LIFE magazine, contributing the front page to the Winter 2011 edition.

Why Neil is supporting Viva!'s Art for Animals




"I'm delighted to be associated with Neil's work as his photos beautifully capture the essence of animals and the wonder of life."
-JULIET GELLATLEY, Founder & Director, Viva!

"Neil is an excellent campaigner whose photography presents a strong case for improved animal welfare and the need for greater understanding of how animals live their lives. Neil's engaging personality puts people at ease and he is skilled at bringing people together to take action."
- Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London, 2000-2008)

"Neil captures qualities and emotions in the animals that I recognise from working with them day-in-day out and knowing them well. I show people Neil's beautiful photographs when I am struggling to explain a certain animal's expression or personality: his images are magical as they really bring each animal to life."
- Marion Eaton (Founder, Friend Farmed Animal Sanctuary)

Buy photographs from Neil direct at Neil also takes commissions.