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Jason Liosatos

The name Liosatos is from Kefalonia Island, Greece, where Jason's grandfather came from, where he exhibited for a year in 1995. In 1996 he returned to the UK to paint and exhibit from his gallery/studio in the beautiful canal side hamlet of Avoncliff just outside Bath, and also from his other gallery 'Artists Afloat', a 55ft floating gallery and studio on the picturesque Kennet & Avon Canal between Bath and Bradford On Avon. Two years were then spent at his gallery/studio near Derbyshire, hosting painting workshops, and then four years were spent living in the Highlands of Scotland exhibiting from his gallery/studio in the little fishing village of Hopeman on the Moray Firth.

Jason writes and talks about people finding inner peace, which he says is the solution to the world problem. 'The solution to the world problem will not come from the outside in, it must come from the inside out, because each individual makes up the whole'. For further details go to Jason's other website http://www.jasonliosatos.com/ Jason works from his Gallery and Studio close to The Eden Project in Cornwall Commissioned paintings by request.



Why I support Viva's Art for Animals project

Jason says:

"I have always found it fascinating how humans have 'imagined' themselves to be more important than animals and all other species on Earth.

What makes us more important, special, or superior than a rat? Most people would spontaneously display a grin of smugness if asked that question, implying the question to be utterly ridiculous. The degrees of smugness and superiority may interestingly vary when the same question is asked of other animals as their size increased. So an elephant is more important than a small snake, mouse or 'even' a fly.

We find it easier to swat a fly than stamp on a mouse, it's less messy I suppose, and easier to stamp on a mouse than slash a sheep’s' throat. If a sheep screamed like a human when we killed him or her, what would we think, how would we feel? Could we enjoy our prized Sunday lunch anymore?

"Imagine being brought up in a society where you were told repeatedly that cats were a tremendous delicacy to eat, and prolonged your life and heightened intelligence. Or that rats were sacred beings to be revered, and were protected by law, and that just seeing one bestowed luck and great fortune. Or that dog's tails were also a delicacy, at £100 per tail, gently poached, and were a great aphrodisiac. Now how about sharks fin soup at £50 a bowl that has hardly any taste at all, monkeys brains while still alive, caviar, sheep's hearts, ox liver, duck liver pate, bulls' testicles.....and mouth-watering similar delicacies. Aren't we a little gullible and impressionable? I think so!

"We drink milk because we are told to, we are convinced it's good for us and good for our children, so we give it them - sometimes until they are sick. But our reasoning and ethical barometer should tell us that it's wrong, because we are the only species on the planet that has milk after the teat, human milk for humans, cows' milk is for cows. Simple stuff. The cruelty and suffering inflicted in the process is disgraceful, and the dreadful effects on our own health by consuming it. Isn't it time we stopped believing everything we are told? Find out the truth for ourselves?

"We are indeed the greatest animal of them all. The greatest in arrogance, superiority, madness, and cruelty in limitless supply. The good news is that we are all born with an amazing, built in ethical and moral alarm bell, a barometer for right and wrong. It works simply by giving us a feeling, a knowing, a sensing when something's not right. It's a beautiful thing, instilled in us to keep us on the right track.

"Unfortunately though, our system, our parents, our beliefs that we are taught, our hectic lives, the twirl and the whirl all have an awfully dulling effect on our ethical barometer, it scrambles our reasoning faculties and we become desensitized and disconnected from/to our innate gifts of knowing and feeling, almost as though the batteries have been removed, and we become used to, accustomed to, things which we should automatically reject. The needless cruelty and suffering for our sake, our curiosity, our taste, our egos. The all-important, magnificent us. The chomping, slurping top of the food chain. The most intelligent species on the planet.

"Our adorable animal friends display a sensitivity and love that puts us humans to shame.

"We stand at a critical point in our human history. If we don't change radically now, in the way we eat and think, we won't survive. By becoming vegan we drastically reduce our effect on the forests and oceans. It's a proven fact that our addiction to milking and eating our animal friends and fish is actually making us extinct.

"The forests and oceans are the lungs of our earth, and give us the very breath we breathe by a miraculous symbiosis; they both breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We are intimately connected. This delicately balanced symbiosis is perilously close to collapse and a point of no return.

"There is only one way that we are the most important thing on the planet, and that is, that we are currently not only destroying ourselves, but we are dragging all the other species on the planet down with us. Fortunately there is hope for us yet, and we are now awakening from our anaesthetising conditioning, and the amnesia is lifting for humanity at last. Better late than never!"

"I'm delighted to be vegan, to support Viva! and Art for Animals and hope you enjoy looking at my work."

How to raise money for Viva!

Buy any paintings or sketches from Jason direct at www.jasonliosatos.co.uk and Jason will donate a very kind 30 per cent of the sale to Viva!


1. Tell Jason your Viva! membership number
2. Let us know the receipt number, date and total amount of purchase; e-mail jess@viva.org.uk
3. Viva! will then receive 30 per cent of the sale price from Jason

Contact Details:
Jason Liosatos Gallery
T: 01726 852583
E: jason.liosatos@btinternet.com
W: www.jasonliosatos.co.u