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Emma Telford

20% will be given to Viva! if you mention Art for Animals.

Commissions available.

Emma will donate 20% of every sale from her photographic collections (listed below) and her T shirt shop to Viva

Contact Details: 
Phone: 07954 379235
Email: photographybyemmatelford@gmail.com
Website: photographybyemmatelford.com
T shirt shop: www.photographybyemmatelford.spreadshirt.co.uk
Facebook: photography by Emma Telford.


My name is Emma Telford I am a photographer from Leeds, I studied photography at Bradford College and I am mainly passionate about animal photography and also British landscape photography. I also enjoy drawing animals.

I have a few adopted animals at home, my dog Gina, my gerbil Jeff, my hamster Marvin and a mouse called Pumpkin who was originally bred to be live snake food but rescued by a Leeds charity.

I have been vegetarian for 11 years now as when I was 15 my love of all animals took over my want to eat meat, I've never looked back. I believe vegetarianism is not just good for animals but the environment and the human race too. I also took up my grandad's legacy of growing my own veggies which is very rewarding and tasty too.

I support Art for Animals and all of Viva's work because any money raised will go straight towards the animals we care about whether it be the badgers threatened by the cull or the farmed animals suffering in factory farms. I would live my work to go some way towards helping these campaigns. I also hope that the beauty and character of the animals featured will inspire people to help protect them.

I would like any photos from the galleries of Animals to go up for sale with 20% given in aid of Art for Animals (more pics will be added soon).

The smallest prints can go from 5"x7" at £5.00 all the way up to 20"x 30" for the biggest at £30. Also canvas's and other products can be made.

I will be donating 20% of the sale of photos from these collections to Viva! when you quote your Viva! membership number or mention Art for Animals in your enquiry.

Prints start at £15 for a 12”x8”.

Viva! is a registered charity 1037486