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Funds helping those in need

Funds helping those in need

Veggie Fund to the rescue

Here's what happens when those in need are helped by Veggie Funds.

Carolyn P, a vegetarian in her late 70s, has had her life transformed with a grant from the Vegetarian Fund, administered by the Vegetarian for Life (VfL) charity. A long-term vegetarian, Carolyn has problems with mobility and hearing and her carers’ time was largely taken up with shopping for her and visiting the launderette. Through the grant, Carolyn now has her own quiet washing machine and a laptop so can now choose her shopping online and have it delivered. She was even able to get her overgrown garden sorted out. It has transformed Carolyn’s life: “I have a keen interest in science and history and I’m looking forward to being able to use the computer to research interests and connect with others”. VfL provides older vegetarians and vegans help with independent living and can improve the lives of those in care homes – there are currently funds available.

Look on or call Tina Fox on 01683 220888.