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Caged for Christmas

Sadly, every Christmas pig meat sales soar along with those for turkey and duck. So this year we wanted to focus our attention on ending the suffering of British pigs and helping all farmed animals by encouraging people to choose a meat-free Christmas this year.

70 per cent of British sows will be confined to a contraption called a farrowing crate up to twice a year, for weeks at a time. The cage is so small that she can’t even turn around. It’s torture for these highly intelligent animals. Farmers say that they are used to protect piglets, but in reality they are used to protect profits instead. There is no need for cages in the wild, where sows are brilliant mothers.

The best way to free animals like Peggy is to persuade people to dump meat for Christmas and choose a kinder New Year and future. Door-dropping leaflets are a fantastic way to do just that. You can door-drop a whole street in just minutes and every leaflet has the potential to save lives – thousands of them. What better Christmas present could you give this year?