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Update on Viva! foie-gras petition

As part of preparing for Brexit, the Government is in the process of drafting new animal legislation. Claims are being made that this will improve animal welfare. This remains to be seen. However, previously membership of the EU thwarted a ban, but we now have a unique opportunity to push for a ban on the importation of foie-gras into the UK post-Brexit. Please sign!

Need more information about why foie-gras is so cruel? Go here!

To the Minister Responsible for Animal Welfare:

"I am adding my voice to Viva!’s call for a ban on the importation of foie-gras.

As you know, its production causes huge suffering to ducks and geese through forced-feeding.

It could not be produced in Britain. However, it is a terrible irony that nothing prevents it being imported. This makes a mockery of our sovereign welfare laws.

I understand that the government’s objection has previously been that a unilateral ban might not stand up in court. That may now not be the case after the World Trade Organisation upheld a ban on seal products in the EU because of public moral concerns. Britain leaving the EU also means that a unilateral ban may now be possible.

In light of this please urgently investigate the possibility of banning the importation of foie-gras."