Cookery demonstrations | Viva!

Cookery demonstrations

Vegan Breakfasts with Viva!


New to vegan or looking for ideas for vegan breakfasts? Well, the Viva! crew are here to help you! Watch the video for lots of ideas of what to make and where to buy tasty vegan foods ...

For more vegan breakfast recipes go to, the official Viva! vegan recipe website.

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Vegan Recipe Club Guest Vlog: 5 Vegan Courses with Mark Reinfeld


Viva! and Vegan Recipe Club have launched a new series of Guest Chef Recipe Vlogs and we are proud to present Mark Reinfeld as our first featured Chef!

Mark was the winner of’s Recipe of the Year Award and has more than 20 years experience preparing creative vegan and raw food cuisine.

In this vlog he guides us through 5 simple vegan dishes.

Green Smoothie

Artichoke Heart Fritter

Grilled Vegan Burger

Ranch Raw Kale Salad

No Bake Cookies

Totally yummy and so, so simple from start to finish!

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Vegan Recipe Club Guest Vlog: Happy Herbivore - 1 Minute Vegan Mayonnaise


Viva! and Vegan Recipe Club's Guest Chef Lindsay Nixon, Happy Herbivore, shows you how to make ‪Vegan‬ Mayonnaise in 1 minute!

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Vegan Recipe Club Guest Chef Vlog: Bettinas Kitchen - 2 Minute Chocolate Mousse

It is a pleasure to have Bettina's Kitchen join Vegan Recipe Club as a Guest Chef.

Here she shows you how to make a vegan Chocolate Mousse in three minutes with three ingredient that is guilt-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan!

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Jane cooks a chestnut plait at The Riverside Show

Jane stops at The Riverside Show on her way to Glasgow Vegfest to do a quick cookery demo.

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