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On April 23, 2016, Viva! supporters asked people to Face Off against the British meat industry as part of our National Day of Action. Hundreds took part. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Viva! was in Manchester as part of the Northern Vegan Festival, but we also took our Face Off podiums onto the streets of Picadilly and spoke to people.

We showed them shocking undercover footage taken by Viva! on British pig and egg farms and asked them to tell us in three words what they had just watched. The most repeated word of the day was "barbaric". It was heartening to see so many people willing to Face Off against the British meat industry and afterwards eager to find out how to change. 

Watch their reactions and see how Viva!'s Face Off is educating people; changing minds and saving animals.

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Face Off the British meat industry. Watch the footage

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10 million pigs killed

in the UK each year equates to:

833,333 per month
192,308 per week
27,397 per day
1,142 per hour
19 per minute 

Viva! takes Face Off around the UK