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10 million pigs killed

in the UK each year equates to:

833,333 per month
192,308 per week
27,397 per day
1,142 per hour
19 per minute 

Get involved

Get involved

Promote the Face Off challenge!

Be a part of this change for kindness!

One of the best ways to help people change their diets is to show them how their food is produced. The flip side of seeing images of animals suffering is the realisation that you only have to change your diet to stop that suffering.

The challenge is to get people engaged in the first place. That’s where you come in!

Why not take the Face Off challenge to your friends and family – or even out onto the streets of your town/city? It’s easy – and below we look at ways you can do just that!

Watch a video of people doing the Face Off challenge in Manchester as part of our recent National Day of Action!

Show the Face Off video

The Face Off video is free to see on this very website. If you have internet access you can show it to people on your laptop, tablet or even mobile phone! It is even available on Youtube. It is also on Vimeo.

You can show it to individuals or how about asking a group of people to watch? Maybe tempt them with some vegan nibbles!


Take Face Off onto the streets!

One of the increasingly popular ways of engaging with people is to take footage of factory farming out onto the streets. That’s exactly what we are doing, but you can get involved, too!

Bath Animal Rights take Face Off onto the streets!
Bath Animal Rights take Face Off onto the streets!

Politely ask people to watch the video. Tell them that it shows what happens to pigs on British factory farms. A good way to get them to watch is to ask them if they think what they are watching is legal (shockingly it is). Read our FAQ.

As you may not have access to free wifi when you’re out-and-about you can download the footage as a high definition film straight onto your device. Here’s how:

Laptop: Simply visit this Vimeo page and click on the icon that says download (it is next to the share button). You will be given options of what quality to download.

iPad/Android: Click on download link as above. The movie should be available to view offline once downloaded and will be stored with your other videos/photos. On some mobile devices you may be asked to sign up for a free Vimeo account to download the file.


Order materials to give out to people. We have business cards that have the web address for Face Off, so people can watch at home. We also have new leaflets that show the reality of what really goes on at Britain’s factory farms. Our experience is that most people are shocked and are looking for ways to change. So we have cards that tell them how to access the biggest online collection of vegan recipes (from Viva!, of course!). Order below.

Take Face Off to the doormat!

Even if you don’t have access to a computer or tablet, you can still encourage people to Face Off by door-dropping our new pig leaflets. Order your door-drop pack today! Order below.

You can also order larger quantities for stalls and other events. Email for details.

Order FREE materials