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These people faced off against the British meat industry

Geoff Allan
From: Bristol
Comment: The British meat industry reminds me of extermination camps. We must stop looking the other way.
Miriam Saxena
From: Scotland
Comment: I faced off against the British meat industry! I became vegetarian 20+ years ago because I was sickened by the farming industry's callous treatment of animals. I don't regret one single minute of it! It is well past time we 'humans' realised we are the only species who put NOTHING good back into this world of ours, we just take take take. Our selfish behaviour will come back to avenge us. We need to learn fast to live in harmony with our fellow Earthlings before Nature actually wipes US off the face of this precious Planet, our ONLY home. Compassion is a strength not a weakness.
Noelle Sharpe
From: Suffolk
Comment: I faced off against the British meat industry! All factory farms and slaughter houses need to close.
Debbie Michaels
From: Norfolk
Comment: I faced off against the British meat industry! Being Vegan is about having morals and compassion. There is no middle road, killing animals for meat, hunting them for sport, using them for Dairy , skinning them for fur, stealing them for zoos, circuses and dolphinariums, these are all wrong. We have to break from tradition, just because we have always done these things does not make it right. We have a duty to look deeper in to what we are told and see with our own eyes because the reality for many many animals is a life of pain, suffering, abuse and a horrific death at the hands of mankind.

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The third painting in the 'Pig Project' series for Viva! inspired by their investigations of UK pig farms 2015/2016. 

The 'Five Freedoms' of the UK Animal Welfare Council state that an animal's needs include: 

(1) A suitable diet 
(2) The ability to exhibit normal behavior patterns 
(3) Any need he or she has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals 
(4) Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease 
(5) A suitable environment (how he or she is housed)






You can go kind!

10 million pigs killed

in the UK each year equates to:

833,333 per month
192,308 per week
27,397 per day
1,142 per hour
19 per minute 

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