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Is it legal? Yes

Sadly, you are right.

Factory farming is the norm in Britain and by its very nature is cruel to animals and involves the frequent use of antibiotic drugs.

The following are legal in Britain:

  • Hens routinely having their beak painfully amputated without anaesthesia
  • 40 million baby male chicks gassed to death a year at just a day or two old
  • Up to 80 hens incarcerated in enriched cages in which they cannot adequately dustbathe, perform normal nesting behaviours, stretch their wings, or exercise their legs
  • ‘Spent’ hens killed for their eggs at just 72 weeks old
  • Hens shackled upside down at the slaughterhouse – an excruciatingly painful method of restraint for the birds

You can Go Kind!

40 million laying hens are killed in the UK each year equates to:
3,333,333 per month
769,231 per week
109,589 per week
4,566 per hour
76 per minute

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Is it legal? Yes