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Everyone's Going Dairy-Free: The Handy Guide for Dairy-Free Living

The handy guide for dairy -

free living, including delicious recipes and shopping tips




So you’re thinking about going dairy-free. Well done! The decision will make you feel better, look better and reduce your chances of several major diseases. It will also help to save animals from suffering and dramatically reduce your impact on the environment.

This booklet will guide you along the path to a dairy-free diet. We’ve mostly listed dairy replacements here but there is a vast range of other products suitable for vegans which are listed in the L-Plate Vegan guide.

About Viva! and Viva!Health

Viva! is Europe’s largest vegan campaigning charity. We help people to reduce meat, fish and dairy in their diet and to go vegetarian and vegan. We are here to support them all the way! We campaign to end animal suffering and cruelty by showing the reality of modern farming and slaughter. Our undercover teams expose the conditions in factory farms and regularly grab the headlines.

Our major work on dairy is Scary Dairy, which relies on years of research into the impact of dairy farming on animal welfare and our health. The campaign includes a film and report – The Dark Side of Dairy – which expose the conditions modern dairy cows have to endure and reveals the shocking fate of their calves. Our fully-referenced, scientific report, White Lies, looks at the impact of dairy consumption on our health and shows how dairy is linked to many degenerative diseases – from eczema and osteoporosis to breast cancer.

Viva! also produces books and guides on all the main veggie issues – and publishes the highly-acclaimed magazine, Viva!Life. Our Viva Vegan Festivals have been to more than 30 cities around the UK.

Viva!Health is part of Viva!. We educate the public on the value of vegan diets that promote good health and reduce the risk of disease.

We have a wide range of easy-to-read guides, including Healthy Veggie (vegan) Kids, Vegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby Guide, the D- Diet (Defeating Diabetes), the Soya Story (the truth about healthy soya) and the 5:2 Diet Vegan Style. Our simple nutritional fact sheets focus on individual nutrients such as protein, calcium and iron.

Viva! Shop offers a superb range of high quality merchandise and books by mail order.
Goodies on offer include dairy-free chocolates, vegan wines, cruelty free gifts and clothing and vegan recipe books www.vivashop.org.uk