Show compassion for hens this Easter! | Viva!

Show compassion for hens this Easter!

Saving animals with Viva!

Did you think cages had gone…?

Laying hens need your support this Easter – and every other day.

Traditionally, dyed and painted chicken eggs were gifted to others to celebrate Easter and springtime. But how many people realise that eggs laid on modern-day farms mean a lifetime of misery for laying hens? And that 18 million of them remain incarcerated in barren, wire cages?

During the week leading up to Easter Sunday, Viva! is launching a series of actions around the country not only to show our undercover footage using new virtual reality headsets, but also showcasing displays that will put people behind the cage bars of modern-day factory farms so they can experience what it feels like to be a hen laying eggs for the dinner table.

The answer to ending the cruelty is to go vegan – and we will be offering free help for people to do just that.

We’ll be commencing our Easter Action For Hens on Monday 10 April (Easter Sunday is Sunday 16 April 2017).

Here’s how you can take part in Viva!'s Easter Action For Hens.

1. Help us spread the message and join our door dropping team!

We’ll send you a pack of leaflets for distributing in your neighbourhood.

Order your FREE leaflets today (or if you can, buy them through the Viva! Shop). You can also call us on 0117 944 1000 or email

*Order before 12pm on 7 April (Friday) to get your leaflets in time! If you miss this deadline, you can still order your leaflets later for distribution during the week leading up to Easter Sunday, or even after!

2. Why not organise a local event?

Whether it’s handing out leaflets or holding an information stall, you’ll help show people where their eggs come from!

You can also hold a Face Off event - inviting people to watch for themselves what happens in farms across the country. Find out more about Face Off and how to download the footage. 

If you want to hold a local event, we’ll send you a pack that will include leaflets, masks and posters to use.

Even an hour of your time will make a huge difference!

To order your materials, email Liam at, or call us on 0117 944 1000.

3. Change your social media pictures

If you use social media (Facebook, Twitter), change your cover picture to our graphics (available to download below) in support and solidarity with laying hens!

Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover

Twitter Header


4. TWIBBON for hens!

Support hens this Easter by adding a #Twibbon to your social media profile pics! Go to


5. Go egg-free! It's easier than you think!

To get a daily email for a month, that is full of useful tips and guidance, sign up to our new 30 Day Vegan program. Go to

And for more information, see our egg replacer chart, Nutrition in a Nutshell guide and the *NEW* egg guide.

6. Donate towards our campaigns and investigations.

We need your help to continue our work towards a kinder and healthier future.



Thank you!