DRINKING MILK IS UNNATURAL | Viva! - The Vegan Charity


‘Hey, what!,’ you may be thinking, ‘drinking milk is natural. To people, it's like purring is to a cat.’ Drinking milk is the most innate thing in the world – if you’re a baby and you’re suckling from your mum, that is. Like all 5,000 or so species of mammals on this planet, we have evolved to drink the milk of our mothers until weaned. But we are the only mammal to drink milk after weaning – and certainly the only one to drink the milk of another species! The dairy industry is clever – it pays well to attract clever people! They've made us believe that drinking milk is natural. It uses the strong emotional bond we have with milk and twists it into something cruel and warped. Into false logic. They’re able do this because our attachment to milk is hardwired. It is our first food and breastfeeding is extremely intense, basic, pleasurable and instinctive – and is about survival. But taking milk from a cow, goat or sheep is not natural and was never meant to be our first food or eaten at any point in our lives.