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Dorienne Robinson

I intend to run for as long as I am able and to raise funds to help promote the veggie/vegan cause.

When I was thirty-eight I gave up smoking and took up running. I was in love with a very fit tri-athlete and felt deeply embarrassed at being the sad girl who had to light up a fag after the romantic restaurant meal. This meant separating from my amour and standing outside in the cold with a fag in my hand. Not pretty. Anyway, suffice to say that the ‘affair’ fizzled out, however the running went from strength to strength and I never smoked again. So, thanks Andy.


When I was forty I worked as a builders labourer. My boss was a skilled stonemason so most of my time was spent lugging and cutting breezeblocks, bricks and stone, excellent workout for upper body as I was now doing tri-athlons too.

We were contracted by a farmer to be part of a team erecting a new dairy unit. The farm was well run, the animals were healthy enough but witnessing the distress of cows being separated permanently from their calves, and tractors being used to pull stuck calves out of their mothers wombs broke my heart.

My first granddaughter was born when I was forty and the overwhelming and unexpected surge of love I felt for this little person echoed the pain of separation for these poor cows.

I turned vegetarian immediately and vegan shortly afterwards.


I went on to become a sports injuries therapist and then specialised in the treatment of sciatica, see, (bit of advertising). I was asked to teach the same at a local college where I qualified as an adult education teacher. My students and I organised and ran the 33mile coastal challenge that ran along the south coast of Cornwall from St Mawes to the College in St Austell. It was on this run that I managed to beat my ex, twice…..way to go Andy.


I moved to Wales early in 2000, still running. When I was fifty I completed the ‘Round the Lakes’ race in Rhayader, 20 miles in total. I used my teaching qualification to run evening classes on vegan and vegetarian nutrition, and started work as a vegetarian chef. The wonderful café that I work in now, specialises in vegetarian and vegan food as well as food allergies, meat is available unfortunately.


Five years ago I completed an MSc in Architecture (AEES) advanced environmental and energy studies. My thesis looked at whether Powys, where I live, could feed itself in 2020 in the light of climate change and post peak oil. Not surprisingly the result was that, not only could it feed itself but also it could do it on far less land if the diet was predominately vegetarian/vegan.


For me the one simple act of turning vegan, or at least vegetarian, would be enough to turn around the disastrous course of planetary destruction that our species is on if adopted by the majority of the human race. It would also liberate our fellow creatures from the cycle of pain and death that we have placed them on.


So I intend to run for as long as I am able and to raise funds to help promote the veggie/vegan cause for as long as I can.