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Donate and help us get foie-gras out of the UK

We want to make sure the government uses the new laws on animal sentience to ban the importation of foie-gras to the UK. We need your help to free ducks and geese from torture. Help us to make a real difference to these birds' lives. Click here to learn more.

Ducks and geese do best in the outdoors, with plenty of water and freedom.

You can see the suffering in his eyes. Dejected, caged and helpless. This little duck is covered in his own vomit after being force-fed so much grain his liver will swell to ten times its natural size. This is how foie-gras is produced.

Ducks' and geese's natural habitat is in environments with lots of water.Ducks and geese are extraordinary animals. They play, feed, swim – do almost everything in water.

But, for the sake of fine food, millions of these beautiful birds are crammed into cages and force-fed every year. Held immobile, birds will suffer the pain and terror of having a metal tube, 20 – 30 centimetres long, thrust down their throats until it reaches the stomach. Vast quantities of corn are forcibly pumped down the tube. This horrific process can happen up to three times a day. There is no escape and no respite.

The purpose is to force their livers to swell and become diseased – at up to 10 times the size they are meant to be.

These magnificent birds are also denied what should be the focus of their lives – water. Some remain upright in their cages because of their grossly-inflated livers, panting, desperately trying to draw breath. For some, the pain and suffering are too much and they collapse on to their filthy wire floors to die.

It's illegal to produce foie-gras in Britain, but legal to import it. Where is the sense in that?Those responsible are not rogue producers because, in France, the law demands that birds are abused in this manner – it is part and parcel of their “natural heritage”. It is not our natural heritage, yet Britain imports more of this sickening foodstuff than many other European countries.

We are doing our best to reduce the demand for this appalling product by campaigning hard to bring about a ban on the import and sale of foie-gras in the UK. But we need your help to do it.


Please donate and support this vital campaign for ducks and geese.

Help us end Britain's part in this cruelty.