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Cracked Weekend of Action!

Help us raise awareness and change attitudes by taking part in the Viva! WEEKEND OF ACTION ON 14 - 16 OCTOBER 2016!

Viva! is kick-starting a Weekend of Action for laying hens as part of our new Cracked campaign on World Egg Day, Friday 14 October.

On 14 October, Viva! will be on the London tube, showing footage of our investigations inside laying hen farms, and handing out leaflets to commuters with the message: ‘Tired of being packed in…? imagine it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life’. You can be part of the Viva! Weekend of Action and fight for hens by door dropping and handing out our leaflets all over the weekend of 15 – 16 October.

The vast majority of hens, around 36 million of them in Britain, inhabit a shadowy archipelago of enormous sheds surrounded by fences and sealed off from the public. The laying hen is possibly the most abused animal on earth - millions of which churn out eggs day after day in conditions that should shame our country. 

Just over half of the hens in the UK continue to live their entire ‘productive’ lives in vertically stacked ‘enriched’ cages. A 750cm cage that provides less than a postcard-size extra space for each bird than the now banned ‘battery’ cage. A cage height of only 45 cm is afforded to the birds, and they are forced to live in extreme close confinement with up to 80 other cramped and frustrated individuals. Enriched cages impose gross restrictions on basic movements, and fail to cater for a hen's physical and behavioural needs on a staggering scale. The floor alone is a serious welfare assault because it is sloped and made of barren wire.

You may have heard some supermarkets, such as Tesco, Morrisons and Iceland, are to phase out cages – but this is not for many years. Viva!’s Cracked campaign shows that free range isn’t the answer however. Most free range hens remain incarcerated in huge, stinking filthy sheds and never step outside.

Viva!’s new Cracked campaign pulls together the findings of a year-long investigation into the life of Britain’s laying hens. For over a year, Viva! has gone undercover to reveal what life is REALLY like for laying hens since the 2012 ban on ‘battery’ cages. Hours of painstaking footage taken by our investigators at enriched cage, free range, and organic farms has provided Viva! with a snapshot of what life is like for these birds. What we have found is a hopelessly cracked industry built on profit and exploitation that causes pain and suffering to hens on an almost unimaginable scale.

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